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Racing enthusiasts welcome! I am Vector and this is my personal blog dedicated to everything about racing. Obviously, I am fascinated with speed and how we can push our own human limits to levels we have never reached before. At a very young age, I was already exposed to different kinds of races. Some of my most memorable experiences happened during the Sydney Carnival where my father would take me to the Royal Randwick and witness a world so fascinating and glamorous.

That was just the beginning of my journey. As I grew older, I got fond of different kinds of races. I dipped my hands into the Australian Grand Prix where I would visit Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne. In one of those occasions, I witnessed the Michael Schumacher snag the top spot in 2004. I was also an avid spectator in the 2000 Sydney Olympics where I cheered on for our Aussie teams. I remember my excitement watching Brett Aitken outdo the rest as he landed first in the Men’s Madison race.

I’ve witnessed quirky and unusual kinds of races from all over the world as well. Right here in Sydney, I’ve come to appreciate the stiletto race which I think is one of the most difficult competitions! I’ve cheered on people who raced to climb bamboo poles covered in grease the fastest in the Philippines and just be dumbstruck by the gutsiness of those who joined the downhill cheese-chasing contest in England.

One fascinating racing competition I’ve been to recently was the 2017 World Roller Games held in Nanjing, China. It was a unique kind of racing to witness as it involved non-conventional equipment for sports like roller blades, skateboards, and scooters. An avid skater myself when I was younger, I found this as something revolutionary and game-changing. I do see a future when racing will involve more modern equipment.

For some people, racing may not seem to be something that would tickle their fancy. But for me at least, it gives me that feeling of excitement and adrenaline. I’ve also participated in many different kinds of races, from fun runs to cycling competitions which I am very actively participating in today. The Tour de France is actually on my bucket list and has served as an inspiration to me to keep going. Cleary, racing matters very much in my life and if it does to you too, then this personal blog of mine is definitely for you!

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